TOBIVAN (Kassel, Germany) started in the year 2000. Since then he brings a good vibe into the clubs. He stands for enthralling House, Deep House, Tech House and Techno sounds. TOBIVAN spins music in Germany, but he also already played in Portugal. He has his residency at the club „Lolita Bar (Ballsaal) in Kassel. His motivation is to connect to the crowd and spread love through his musical journey.


Clubs / Festivals

Ballsaal (Kassel, GER, Residency), OP ART (Lisbon, PT), Oitonove (Lisbon, PT), ODONIEN (Cologne, GER), BUTAN CLUB (Wuppertal, GER), Klingel Drei (Hamburg, GER), Sauna-Klub (Wolfsburg, GER), Lightplanke (Bremen, GER), Glashaus Center (Worbis, GER), Sound & Culture (Eisenach, GER), Bajita (Mühlhausen, GER), A.R.M. (Kassel, GER), Unten (Kassel, GER), 130bpm (Kassel, GER), Lolita Café (Kassel, GER), Gleis 1 (Kassel, GER), Cuba Club (Kassel, GER), Deck 7 Basement (Kassel, GER), NYTD (Kassel, GER), Panoptikum (Kassel, GER), Tonwerk (Kassel, GER), Goldankauf Club (Kassel, GER), Festival „SPIELPLATZ – a place to play“ (Espenau, GER), Festival „Dancing in the Muuuhnlight“ (Schauenburg, GER)

Radio / Web Radio

Radio Sunshine Live (Mannheim, GER), minimalcityradio (Kassel, GER), CLUBsoundz.FM (Web Radio), (Web Radio), (Web Radio)




Phone +49 163 693 99 84


Press Kit (Download)

The Press Kit includes:

  • Press Pics
  • Biography
  • Contact Information
  • References
  • Tech Rider

Download the english version: Press Kit (english)

Download the german version: Press Kit (deutsch)


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